The CEO & Founder of Featured Stars Jacqueline Williams aka Fancy J London started 7 years ago and has helped countless Singers-Songwriters, Producers, DJ's, Bands form around the world. Many of which have become famous, signed, opened for big name artists and have had incredible opportunities from television to radio host, even as far as receiving invitations to awards shows and free concerts. Several artists support featured stars and have created a profoundly deep relationship with the founder. 

CEO & Founder of Featured Stars Jacqueline Williams joined Rex Luciano the owner of AEG Entertainment whodecided to join Featured Stars because he greatly believed in the concept of the corporation. Rex Luciano was tired of the abuse towards independent artists by large labels in the music industry and wanted to make a big change.

The PR Manager Mr. Bravo of  iBravo Animations joined the corporation to formulate the best in digital media representation with creating one of a kind Videos, Posters, Banners, Logos, and more to help artists be seen in the most professional manner resulting in impeccable audience reach. 

Some of our artists include:

Nazo Bravo, Everlit, DJ Ross tha Boss, Fancy J London, DEV, Romsii, Mercenary Nimble, Xavier Choice, Moody Black,  Caye, Tessah Dunn,and hundreds more!

*** Tips to ready yourself for promotion. 

  • Make sure your artist name is the same on all social sites. Many artists can't be found because they have three different user names and not one is their artist name?
  • Take good high quality photos. A lot of times you look for an artist and they have horribly blurry low quality photos that are not able to be used in promotional posters or videos. 
  • If you are unknown you must put your face on your album covers. You are not famous enough to leave it empty or with just a design. You can however do this with single albums.
  • Make a bio that is at least 3 paragraphs long explaining how you became an artist, who inspires you, where you want to be in the next 5 years, and your achievements so far.
  • Be active post a minimum of once a day either in a story post or profile post. Engage with your followers chat, comment and like their posts so they do not forget you and move on. 
  • Post the right content!!! When you post about things unrelated to your music you no longer look professional ... BUT CELEBRITIES DO IT?? YES!!! They are famous already and you are not! So you need to post the right content to let your audience and potential fans know that you are a recording artist not a meme or quote GOD!
  • Update your music sites, links, photos, and bios. If you do not keep up with your sites people visit and think you fell off the planet and died! Make adjustments to your websites change the layout colors, add new photos and videos, and keep all links up to date. 
  • Distribute quality music regularly! If you only have one song you did back in 2009 and you are not putting up new music, no one will notice! The more music you have the better chance of you getting noticed. 
  • Your Album cover is your first impression! Make it a lasting one!!! 
  • Now you are finally ready for promotion!  - Go get it TIGER!!!

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